Let's help law enforcement more to drag malware actors into the law

Let's help law enforcement more to drag malware actors into the law

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To overcome the above facts. In this presentation we stress the importance to stop every abuse described above by making effort with helping in intelligence of to drag the actor into the law as the only solution to stop the threat for good. MalwareMustDie, an NPO of anti malware and cyber crime research entity focusing in common public malvertisement threat, is explaining some aspects of several threat's investigation, with the point of introducing (1) OSINT methodology that can be applied by fellow researchers, (2) the importance of coordination-communication-sharing between researchers and law enforcement, (3) the importance to understand how law in the cyber crime works, and (4) how to build reports in crime investigation to be followed well by the attended officers with involving more result on cross reference data and information.

Some examples will be prepared for the presentation, we will think of the technical aspects and is having a chance for the interactive communication during the talk. Some data of the presentation will be very sensitive so please kindly bear the confidentiality of the material accordingly.