Beer brewing workshop

Beer brewing workshop

From BruCON 2014

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Do you need anything special to put a decent beer on your table? Using only kitchen tools and materials from the local DIY, it can be done.

In this workshop we will talk about the following aspects of brewing:

The processes involved and some basic chemistry: it's all the easier if you know what you're doing. Talking about chemistry, however, we don't use any chemical products to brew this beer, it's an all-natural product that can be consumed in fairly large quantities without ever giving you a headache! What do you need? Everybody who can handle a screw driver should be able to produce the equipment needed in no time at all. The most advanced tool needed is a drill. Apart from that, a visit to the DIY store should do the trick. Where to get the ingredients? Do you need special grain? What is the purpose of hop? What yeast to use?

After this little explanation, we will start brewing a "double fermentation Belgian style lager beer". Of course there will be plenty of opportunity for tasting...