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Facebook is pleased to sponsor a Capture the Flag event at the BruCON conference.

Join the best security hackers and penetration testers from around the world at this all-day event, hosted at the Monasterium. Ten teams of up to 4 players will compete to see who can "hack the world" in a series of increasingly difficult levels. Hacking is only part of the game however; in an added twist, once you hack a target you then have to defend it against your fellow hackers!

Points are awarded during the day for the levels completed and valuable cash prizes are on offer for the top three teams on the day. Food, drinks and beers will be provided, so come hungry and Hack On!

The CTF is on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 24th at the Monasterium (BruCON Training venue).

Check in and breakfast at 9 AM, CTF from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Participants should bring with them: a laptop, power source, and a router or switch.

Register today!


Registration is free of charge.

Small print: by registering for the Facebook CTF you provide permission for all photography/videography during the event. We will share your name and email address to Facebook as part of the registration process.