Hacking Driverless Vehicles

Hacking Driverless Vehicles

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Are driverless vehicles ripe for the hacking? Autonomous and unmanned systems are already patrolling our skies and oceans and being tested on our streets and highways. Pioneering tests of autonomous vehicles were performed in Europe and all trends indicate these systems are at an inflection point that will show them rapidly becoming commonplace. It is therefore a salient time for a discussion of the capabilities and potential vulnerabilities of these systems.

This session will be an informative and amusing look at the current state of civil driverless vehicles and what hackers or other miscreants might do to mess with them. Topics covered will include common sensors, decision profiles and their potential failure modes that could be exploited. With this talk Zoz aims to both inspire unmanned vehicle fans to think about robustness to adversarial and malicious scenarios, and to give the paranoid false hope of resisting the robot revolution. The talk will also contain brand new information from conversations with the US Department of Transportation including insights into the new Connected Vehicle and Vehicle To Vehicle Communications programs that may be hacking-relevant well before the adoption of fully autonomous cars and other vehicles.