Ryan Dewhurst

Ryan Dewhurst

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Ryan Dewhurst is a freelance security tester with experience in web application security testing, security consulting, security research, penetration testing, software development and training. Software security is something that has always interested him and he takes pleasure in helping his clients build more robust and secure applications. He has over five years experience working for a leading UK security consultancy company as well as completing a BSc Hons in Ethical Hacking for Computer Security with a First class honours. In 2013 he won the Rising Star Award by SC Magazine UK.

When he's not helping his clients build more secure software, either through training, testing or development, he enjoys managing and contributing to various Open Source software projects. Some of his projects include Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA), WPScan and others. He has also been known to report vulnerabilities to companies such as PayPal, Evernote, WordPress, Barracuda Networks, Mozilla and Apple Inc, which he finds through independent research.